About the club

The Club is now 66+ years old, having been chartered November 16, 1949.
It is committed to serving our community and our membership is comprised of men and women of all ages and occupations who enjoy the fellowship of shared values and beliefs.


General Meeting - 2nd Thursday of the month - 7:00 pm

Dinner Meeting - 4th Thursday of the month - 6:30 pm

Lion Year - September to June


George Jowett Memorial Centre 13137 Riverside Drive.

Members Corner.

Introducing our new members with their sponsors. 

Left to right sponsor Lion, Keith Robinson and Lion Mark Derikx. 

Lion Madeleine O' Shaughnessy, Lion Dave O'Shaughnessy with sponsor, Lion Bruce MacIntosh.

Sponsor Lion Viviane Martin and Lion Kathy Moger.    

ROAR!! Welcome to the club!

Pictured left to right past President, Lion Brian Erratt who sponsored Lion Therese Mitrow and Gilles Paradis. Leos Chief Advisor, Lion Carl Robinson (centre, back). Lion Carl conducted the induction ceremony, Thursday, October 13th. Welcome to Lions Therese and Gilles and thank you to Lion Carl!!

Pictured from left to right is Club President Lion Jim Martin, who sponsored Lion Vince Lauzon. Leos Club Chief Advisor, Lion Carl Robinson performed the inducting ceremony Thursday, October 13th. Thank you Lion Carl and welcome Lion Vince!


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